About Belden

Since 1993, the Belden Club Seattle has existed as an intimate, casual, and exclusive commercial real estate professional association providing select membership with social and educational programs for personal and professional development. Club activities address current industry topics of interest to the membership. More than any other organization, the Belden Club has striven to create an informal community of friends doing business together in the Seattle commercial real estate industry.

The Belden Club is incorporated as a 501(C)(6) Washington Not For Profit.

In 1980, a group of young professionals met on Belden Alley in the shadow of Bank of America building in downtown San Francisco. They met seeking camraderie and an exchange of ideas. Their association grew into the Belden Club which was established in 1981 and incorporated as a 501(c)(6) California Not For Profit Corporation. The name ‘Belden’ was adopted from Belden Alley, the location of the club;s first ‘business office’, Carlos Goldstein’s.  We like to make the comparison with the founding of Lloyds of London in Lloyds coffee shop. The founding members were Jim Curtis, Tom Enberg, Pat Flanagan, Randal Howard, Jeff Kott, Roy March and J. Witt, III. Matt Moran, a former director of the San Francisco Belden Club, founded the Los Angeles club in 1991. Rick Prado helped start the Seattle Belden Club in 1993. The Belden Club Seattle continues the rich history of bringing together commercial real estate professionals that meet monthly to discuss pertinent real estate topics, tour new projects, and network in a casual and friendly environment.

Past Seattle Presidents

  • 2020 – Katie Trimpe
  • 2019 – Scott Lindley
  • 2018 – Angela Gee
  • 2017 – Scott Rosenstock
  • 2016 – Travis Harth
  • 2015 – Paige Nilsen
  • 2011-2014 – Seth Gary
  • 2006-2010 – Matt Orr
  • 2004-2005 – Erik Marks


*If you have information about the dates of past Seattle Belden Presidents please e-mail us as we want to honor all those that have put time into this organization!

Leadership and Steering Committee:

  • John Rupp, 2021 President, OAC Services
  • Jay Gelose, Vice-President, DLR Group
  • Douglas St. John, Secretary, Waddell & Reed
  • Brendan Lawrence, Treasurer, Lake Union Partners
  • Katie Trimpe, 2020 Past President and Steering Committee, Turner Construction Co.
  • Scott Lindley, 2019 Past President and Steering Committee, Kirkley-Cole
  • Angela Gee, 2018 Past President and Steering Committee, Dean Alan Architects
  • Travis Harth, Steering Committee, Schuchart
  • Theresa Comer, Steering Committee, Kimball
  • Lisa Poole, Steering Committee, Uniplex Construction, LLC
  • Scott Rosenstock, Steering Committee, SECO Development

Events Committee:

  • Jay Gelose, DLR Group (Chair)
  • Theresa Comer, Kimball
  • Arielle Dorman, Kidder Matthews
  • Angela Gee, Dean Alan Architects
  • Matt Laase, Jackson Main Architecture
  • Patrick Lamb, LHL Appraisal Associates
  • Olwyn Lintecum, University Mechanical
  • Marc Luedke, Conversion Building Group
  • Mitch Roberts, DP Incorporated,
  • Scott Rosenstock, SECO Development
  • John Rupp, OAC Services
  • Katie Trimpe, Turner Construction

Membership Committee: 

  • Douglas St. John, Waddell & Reed (Chair)
  • Theresa Comer, Kimball
  • Angela Gee, Dean Alan Architects
  • Scott Lindley, Kirtley Cole Associates
  • Jay Gelose, DLR Group
  • John Rupp, OAC Services
  • Katie Trimpe, Turner Construction

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