ONNI SLU Tour – Recap

Raising the bar for luxury apartment living in Seattle

From the deck of a 41st floor Penthouse unit

Coordinated by Belden Member Brendan Lawrence, this tour was truly an unforgettable event; the weather was perfect, the hosts were fantastic, and the level of luxury unsurpassed! With a unique arrangement in which a varying portion of the nearly 1100 units can “flex” between hotel accomodations and apartment living, this property truly raises the bar for luxury living in Seattle. The two towers contain over 70,000sf of amenity space, ranging from several outdoor pools (unique in Seattle!) to basketball courts, gyms, movie theaters, and a multitude of other recreational spaces. Our group was treated to an immersive tour, including the opportunity to walk through one of the top floor luxury penthouse units, as well as the many spaces throughout the building. As always, the group adjourned to a nearby watering hole (Thomas Street Warehouse) for post-tour libations and a chance to discuss the many outstanding features of ONNI SLU. A big thank you to Brendan and his colleagues for their hospitality!

Posted by Scott Lindley on November 18, 2022 | Categories: Uncategorized.