Annual Membership – good through 12/31/2024


Membership valid from now through 12/31/2024.

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We are very excited to welcome new and returning members who meet our criteria.  As we emerge from the challenges of the Pandemic, we will be offering a special membership rate of $350 if you sign up between now and 08/31/2023.  This membership will run through 12/31/2024, and beginning 9/1/2023, attendance at social hours and tours will again be limited to members only.  Those waiting until 9/1/2023 or later will pay $400 for their annual membership.  If non-members would like to attend a quarterly lunch, the cost will be $50/person.

Membership Requirements

  • Members must work primarily in commercial real estate
  • New members must be referred by an existing or past member
  • Pay dues of $400 per year (discounted to $350 for 2024 dues if paid by 8/31/2023)